Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Momo Season

It was that time again today...many momo reversals in the one 24hr period. Still suffered from pulling the trigger for a 2nd time- got distracted by some bad news that I had received just prior to the entry...did take the other two though:-

1st trade was a play off the daily equal move setup into 7250 ish in the YM, 11:45ET. That one fell through but I ended up with a slight gain due to the way I move stops.

2nd trade (the one I didn't take) was in the Oil futures (CLJ9-apr 09). Again was hitting an equal move zone, 38.85, on the all-sessions 1min chart. Move out of 09:00ET into 10:15ET was roughly equal to 11:45-13:00ET move. Also had larger timeframe pivot support...

3rd trade was in GBP/USD mar 09 futs. 13:20ET. Some pivot support on the 30min. Didn't get very far much like the YM trade, but got 9 pips out of it anyway.

As luck would have it, the two "missed" trades had legs- the two I took didn't. At least I improved my account balance...

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