Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mind The Gap!

Yes...a visit to London is long overdue, hence the use of the above title and the nod to the "Tube" in the last post...

However, the gaps that I'm referring to have nothing to do with the sometimes huge gaps found between train and platform.

One is the gap between knowledge and acting on that "knowledge" (because what do we really "know" for sure?). This stretches much further than the realms of trading, so I'll leave it up to interested parties to google "Tony Robbins"! lol!

The other is the gap between Stop and Limit- a world of confusion and opportunity for edge-blunting/edge-hiding emotional reactions exists between those too places. It's quite ironic that the desire for freedom that brought most of us into this venture is the very thing that hinders many of us from ever attaining it, as we exit before our targets or stop ourselves out prematurely.

We're free to do anything but we must do something consistently in order to survive, let alone profit in any marketplace.

Better to just follow the advice and, "MIND THE GAP!"