Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Business As Usual

I only traded 12 of the 21 trading days available this month and still managed to make that achievable ballpark figure that I have in my head. This was accomplished while experiencing three (yes, three!) earthquakes here in Italy. We weren't close enough for it to be any risk to us as we are about 87 Km away but, with the quake measuring a hefty 7.1 on the Richter Scale, it was close enough to move the house from side-to-side, rattle windows and leave objects displaced in the house. Not fun with a family of four. On the plus side, I like that even experiences like this didn't dent my trading composure.

I love not having to rely on WR for results (I "lose" pretty much twice as often as I "win") and I know that if I manage my psychology and follow the plan, the money will eventually follow.

Still waiting on the Funded Account credentials from TST. Should be anytime soon as I've just paid for the data fees and that means the account has been set up on the brokerage side. I'm also adjusting my expectation of take-home profits as commissions are noticeably higher than the Combine (As much as $4.78 compared to $3.68 respectively). Add in the $170 professional data fees and that takes a good chunk out of the monthly figures I've been posting.

The good news is, these costs are fixed. So while commissions will increase as contract load does, the data costs remain the same. Fast forward to 20 contracts per turn and $170 doesn't make up much of cost in terms of percentages at all (1% compared to 1 contract's massive 24%).