Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Combine Completed!

.....No, I haven't passed yet. But I do have more information/feedback that will guide me towards doing so.

Here are the facts (in no particular order):-

1) The percentage of the target obtained in each of the eight Combines I've taken since last June has increased over time. They are noticeably larger after moving to the $30K Combine.

Here they are in chronological order. The ones in bold are $30K Combines-

3%, 9%, 3%, 37%, 0%, 0%, 49%, 80% (< The one I've just finished...stats in the above screen captures).

2) My plan when moving in to this last Combine was to take advantage of the information gleaned from previous Combines- especially the 5th and the 6th- here is a snapshot of my TST journal which summarises this information...

I basically found that I was able to very consistently net +$200 within 1-3 hours of liquid market action. I needed to allow for a $400 intraday draw for that to happen. The one day out of seven when I wasn't able to achieve this typically resulted in less than a $400 loss.

3) After having a "discussion" with the missus, we decided that I'd no longer talk about the story- the reason why this nearly happened/didn't happen and if I had just done this that or the other...just bare bones results in business-like fashion. Even then, it was to be limited to a weekly conversation if not a fortnightly one.

The period of adhering to this way of operating coincided with the initial run up towards the target.

4) The high coincides with the blog post documenting my results (along with the story of how I got there) along with more frequent conversations with Mrs MM.

What does this all mean to me?

*"1)" Suggests I'm making progress.

*Trading the $30K is the where I need to be.

*Daily structure and an unwillingness to indulge in stories or even results in the short-term is essential.

*I need to use the daily stop and not get drawn in to the idea of taking just one trade per day.

Will establish what I'm going to do in terms of a daily structure then get back on the horse.