Saturday, July 4, 2015

Combine Update - Pushing, Pulling & The Present.

The last post documented the second Continuous Combine as well as most of the 10-Day one (the 10-Day marks the switch from the $100K to the $30K). I've since done another 10-Day and Continuous...I'm currently doing another Continuous- my 6th Combine for the year (7th in total)...

I'm currently two-thirds of the way to the target having traded 5 days. There are a few notable changes I've made to push me in this new direction:-
1) One Time frame (less is more)- I've removed the anchor chart. My theory is, take away as much as you can without ruining the integrity of something and you have the most efficient system. Everything I need to know to make profitable decisions can be found in the one chart/TF (15 sec).
2) Process Over Outcome- This might seem like an obvious one as we are playing a game of probabilities but it's crucial to ignore what happens (in the short-term- after X number of short-term=long-term then we can look at results) and focus on what needs to be done in the moment according to a given method. We cannot control the outcome, so there is no point in getting upset (or happy) about it. We can, and must, control our actions...i.e. adhere to the process.
Therefore, it's very beneficial to get upset (or happy) about not implementing (or implementing) the process.
3) Let The Market And Time Do The Heavy Lifting(less is more!)- There have been 14 trading days since the beginning of this Combine. I've sat through 10 and only taken trades in 5 of them. Rushing in to a trade that isn't exactly what you're looking for suggests some kind of fear....fear of a future that lacks opportunity, fear of missing out etc.
I once wrote a post about pushing and pulling...this type of back-and-forth, emotional variance leaves us bouncing from trying to reconcile regret (pulling/clinging) to fear of the future (pushing/resistance). All while we ignore what's right there in front of us. The present. The gift of what you need to do, right now, without fear.
Here's an excerpt from my TST private journal which shows where my focus now lies...
Ok! Enough observing of results...time to move on to the next present moment! The next time we look at a result, the Combine will be over (in one way or another) and I'll upload the spreadsheet with all the stats as I did with the last two posts.