Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two Variables, One Constant & A Chart.

The title has nothing to do with the's just what I've been thinking when it comes to my view on what trading is about.

The aim is to:

1) watch the ever-changing market (variable 1) with some kind of understanding as to the behaviour of price- and, therefore, the behaviour of crowds- with some 'if-this-then-that' scenarios.

2) Couple this with you (variable 2). This variable is also ever-changing. But we can control this one if we choose to. Knowing enough about 1) allows us to use 2) to act consistently (not to be confused with identically...2) is always changing) in order to come up with...

3) An Edge- (constant)

The chart:

Original idea was short, which was exited for 0.64R into the close. After 17:15ET, I noticed an inverse Head & Shoulders, with the pace within the pattern supporting the likelihood of an upside move. Breaking out of 30min resistance. Entry xx445.5,

First target D-1's gap between the 17:00-17:15ET break, mid morning (ET) resistance and H&S target-xx462.5. Final target at xx487...a measured move.

I got out at xx459.5 and xx479 respectively. Both areas confirmed themselves as 'levels'.

Trying to build trust again. 3.4R.