Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The End.

Just moved from a rather modest flat to a not-so-modest house. Now I have the office in the loft/attic (or "mansarda" as they say here in Italy) that I've always dreamed of AND space (3 floors down!) to practice my hobby of the last 15 years and counting, as well as just workout in general. 

It's a beautiful house- it has 4 balconies (of varying size), 3 bedrooms, the loft, 4 bathrooms (!!), a tavern with a fireplace and a pizza oven, kitchen and living room as well as a garage.

I got this by learning to trade....but not from trading profits ;). The secret is hidden within the 218 posts of this blog.

That being said, there's not much more to add. I'd only be delivering the same content in a different way which is a poor use of my time.

So, in the spirit of reduction:

- Cheap clients rejected...? Check!
- Time-wasting satellite television subscription cancelled...? Check!
- Reduced time on the Net...? Check!
- Blog concluded, only to be reignited as a teaching tool should there be demand...? CHECK!

Good Luck for your life and trading. :)