Saturday, December 31, 2016

Personal Account + 100% Resistance = Sideways P&L.

Time to reassess and come up with a plan of attack.

The above is the rolling P&L since mid June '16. A few things that leap off the chart...

1) ~340 trades over the first 4+ months. ~70 trades in the following ~2 months. Last two months have a trade frequency of ~40% of the prior months.

2) Last two months- starting from the black arrow- have resulted in an 20+% range. The black arrow also indicates the start of live trading in my personal account.

3) The high of the above range is an 100% return based on $3K/contract over a few instruments with a per trade risk of ~1.6-2.2% (depending on the instrument).

4) Headline stats before last two months of trading: WR=34%, RR=2.319, E= 0.1489.

5) Headline stats for the last two months of trading: WR=36%, RR=1.824, E= 0.0196.

6) 8 target days (+10%) before last two months of trading.

7) 0 target days for the last two months of trading.

8) 46 trades >= 3R before last two months.

9) 7 trades >= 3R for the last two months...

Going to sleep on this post and return with an analysis of what has changed along with a plan of attack to get back on track!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The "Emotional Market Sphere" - Separating Yourself From The Crowd.

I think traders sometime forget that market movement is powered by other traders actions. The collective force of every trader's decision, including your own, moves the market. I call this the Emotional Market Sphere.

It's like a bubble of human consciousness that fails to see the error of it's ways. Everyone finds unique, apparently well-reasoned motives for falling into the trap of cognitive biases...some do it without ever learning that they even exist. The paradox is that, although everyone's way of expressing their cognitive short-comings is as unique as their fingerprint, the result is an entirely predictable constant. Repeatable patterns. The Emotional Market Sphere.

In order to profit from the market, we need to be able to 1) identify the EMS's emotions/actions and then 2) take advantage of them without succumbing to the same emotions (which leads to the same actions).

So the first step is to stop thinking of the market as a bunch of patterns with some rules that we can apply to profit from them, and start thinking about the emotions of the participants. The easiest way to do that is to take note of what you yourself are feeling. Look for the traps that you are about to fall in and position yourself to ride the panic/fear/greed/hope that you would have felt had you fallen for the trap. This requires you to be able to analyse yourself from a 3rd person perspective.

With practice, you'll widen the gap between what you felt like doing and when you took action...eventually, you'll hardly (hardly!) associate with the feelings that would have caused you to have knee-jerk reactions in the past. For the most part, you will have separated yourself from the crowd.

Monday, December 5, 2016

One Hundred Percent!

1) Make the strategy as simple as possible. Okay, now make it even simpler! If it can't fit on a post-it note, it's too complicated.

2) Get comfortable refusing setups. There will be a bunch of "almost a trade" trades. Worse still, a lot of them will work spectacularly! It's like an Aladdin's cave of possibility...and we all know how that ends.

Be disciplined and "touch nothing but the lamp" (i.e. your exact setup).

3) Think super long-term (for results). For various reasons, I broke even in August AND November. But I've still managed 100% in 5.75 months. If I thought about the outcome of those months in the wrong way, it might cause me to lose faith and sway from the plan. Let's not even mention being concerned about a losing day...!!!

4) Think super short-term (for the process). Yes, it DOES matter if you take that extra trade. Or chase that market...or trade at night when you know you shouldn't. Lot's of small, repeated processes add up over time.

PS  No longer with TST. Long story short, they don't really support the profitable trader looking for actual funding. The irony is I would never have become one if not for their program and the dream of getting funded that they promote.