Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Review/ March Gameplan

Having gone through february's numbers, along with the projections for future potential, a few areas of improvement stuck out. These will be where I direct my focus for March...they are:-

* "Missed" Trades- For various reasons, during February, I missed 5 trades...will look to get that number closer to ZERO in March...

* Errors- I only made TWO errors during February, but they were avoidable...will look to keep that number low.

Basically, my goal for March is to Continue as February- but more efficiently.Future efforts will look at, in order of attempt:-

2 Contracts- Trading exactly the same way...but with the addition of another contract.

Getting Back In On The Move- Allocating a certain percentage of banked profits to take an opportunity to jump back onboard.

2 Contracts...and run- Different ball game...exiting 1 contract where I'd usually be all out (be it with 1 contract, as I do now, or "2 Contracts" above) and then running the other to a larger target while limiting potential loss on that 2nd contract.

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