Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lack Of Consistency.

Obviously the little drawdown is having an affect. Beautiful opportunity in the indices at 12:30EST. Nice pattern intraday in the NQ but the ES wasn't so pretty intraday. It did, however, have a fantastic pullback to the All-Sessions hourly/daily range (beginning 20th Jan)...the NQ's was a bit messy. So I was trying to combine the biases in the two. It played out well but I didn't trade it the way I normally would. This could be partially attributed to the fact that I rarely trade the NQ. But it's probably largely down to my slump.

I got in a shade early, the green line intraday. What I'd normally do is add another contract then set a stop for the two. Feeling a bit risk adverse, I decided to add right at SUPPORT! short, that changed the whole dynamic of the trade and got me stopped out for a loss of commission.

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