Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day's Anatomy- 19th October 2012

This is where the rubber meets the road. Can you do exactly as you did in forward tested SIM with a live account? So far, the answer for me is "no".

The more discretionary the approach, the harder it's going to be as you gained your results through choices that were more easily affected by your emotions. The solution is simple but not easy- relax and trade as you did before.

Monday did the most damage and was also the day where I deviated from the plan in an obvious way. Tuesday to Friday where good days in terms of following the story and taking action in terms of entries but didn't Mind The Gap, evident from a too frequent occurrence of b/e trades and Wednesday and Friday's suffocated wins which would have ended both days at target rather than 50% tgt and -50% tgt (i.e flat between the two days). Huge difference to the bottom line and the edge in general.

Got some work to do...

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