Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day's Anatomy- 10th October 2012

Complete breakdown today. Same themes as yesterday, except worse.

It's really not about the money. It's all about the difference between taking risks and accepting them. Doing the former without the latter is financial suicide...

Taking a stance in the face of conflicting market information- such as in the last trade- is a sure sign of my needing security outside of the strategy. I noticed it, but continued to trade what was. Pretty much fell prey to all the biases I mentioned on Monday!

I prefer to think of my trading in terms of distance from the absolute edge (i.e what was available from the method minus damaging thought patterns/behaviour).

Monday- No gap between performance and absolute edge. Still a marginal down day though.
Tuesday- Target-sized gap. (Target was obtainable a couple times over...I managed a hair under break even)
Wednesday- Huge gap. Again, target obtainable but finished 60% of the target under break even. Terrible.

The profitable days are always easily explained (namely, "follow the f***ing plan, despite what you feel!!").

Let's see if I can't get back to doing just that....

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