Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day's Anatomy- 16th October 2012- The Worst Of Three.

I'm happy with the way I traded today. No rule-bending or trade-skipping (within context..).

The idea of "The Worst Of Three" came about when I repeatedly noticed that when I tried to reason my way around two variables- let's call them A and B- I always ended up in 3rd place in terms of pips, with A and B taking turns for 1st and 2nd place.

TWOT relates to today's action because, sometimes I exit before the 23:00 CET forex break, other times I don't.

It just so happens that the two times (off the top of my head) that I've elected to leave trades through the break, I've suffered some adverse fills that have cost me a half R here and there...

This time I take it off and, after a 12 pip gap in my favour, it speeds off to target.

Whether I had always held or always exited I would have been better off fiscally. The worst of three...

(Not prepared for multiple R losses so no holding from now on!) 

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