Thursday, September 20, 2012

Discipline- Truth, Desire and The Trading Way.

Why is it that so many find it hard to "be disciplined"?? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt it is like driving with the hand-break on when it comes to trying to enforce this elusive state of being on myself!

Above, there are some boxed-off definitions that give us a clue as to why that might be. Words like "corrects", "molds", "enforcing" my opinion, you will ALWAYS come up against opposition- both from yourself and others(and the market!!)- if you try to force a behaviour. 

The alternative to trying to fight yourself or others into doing what's necessary, is to evoke a sense of desire to do the right thing, because we only consistently do what we want to do, not what we feel we need to do.

Whatever gap exists between what you know you should be doing and what you currently are doing can usually be attributed to a gap between what you want and what you really need. Working on liking/wanting what you need, rather than keeping likes and needs separate, is, for me, the real secret to maintaining discipline long-term.

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