Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Activity Around Bar Closes- Pt 2

Another example of how AABC can be used in conjunction with a bias &/or method for added confirmation/conviction.

The pattern to go short was against the failure of the one to go long (see 1 min chart). It had some internal price action which made the pattern slightly weaker but the overall picture was strong. It very nearly got my stop but I would have got back in anyway given the scenario.

Price got above the 590 action zone (where the two patterns meet...no horizontal line on the chart) then wondered up into the close leaving the Bullish Harami behind. My bias was short at the time. A strong trigger of the hourly reversal would negate that bias. A trigger and immediate reversal meant trapped longs. Especially as it occurred at the turn of the hour.

The false trigger of the two-candled (word?!) reversal, with the context of the bigger picture and timing of the setup, created a continuation pattern.

Noticing these kind of situations real-time allows you to run that winner a little further or, if you happened to be on the other side of the trade, manage your money a bit better- i.e take off contracts, move stops or just exit the trade.

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