Friday, July 17, 2009

Only The Momo WHATEVER THE HELL WORKS! It was a romantic idea. Successfully trade the market with the one pattern. I know it can be done (cause I've done it consistently for the best part of 4 months), but that's not the point...

I mentioned several weeks ago that I was "throwing out the rule book", which I've well and truely done! All of my trades still stem from the same idea, however, some are more tenuously linked to the old pattern compared to others. It took me quite some effort to let go of what I had embraced for the best part of 15 months.

What did I discover? That, for me, it has almost nothing to do with my chosen method of analysis and EVERYTHING to do with management of myself which directly influences my management of a trade Case in point: I've been trading with no hard-and-fast rules and have managed to improve on the results I had been achieving in the months prior to the change.

Big thanks to UF from Longandwrong. Although uncomfortable at the time, our conversation that day got me thinking outside of my own set of beliefs and lead me to what is looking more like....well, I'm not gonna jinx myself!

All I'll say is, "Watch this space".

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Anonymous said...

Glad I helped, even if I'm sure I only did it inadvertently :-)