Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back From Break.

A break was well overdue. My first self-imposed break from trading in close to 3 YEARS!. I've been on holiday a few times during that period but always had a peak at a chart here and there or was reading a book etc. This time I literally didn't open my platform for a week- no blogs, websites, e-mails or books. Nothing. If I went to a bank to change my dollars into euros, I'd have been as clueless as your average joe as to what the exchange rate was :) Strangely liberating....

Several things became apparent to me while away:

1) There's more to life than trading (even if I love doing it)
2) I trade because I choose to trade, not 'cause I have to- whenever I start feeling the latter, I need to take a break.
3) The only correct way to trade is the way that makes you money, and it has hardly anything to do with patterns, signals etc. No getting attached to one method!
4) There is a good chance that blogging, at least in detail, could be harmful to my trading.

That last one is important. I started blogging with the primary goal of tracking my progress (or lack thereof) by keeping an open diary- essentially talking to myself but with the real possibility of having others follow along too....keeping myself honest in the process.

But things may have changed. I find myself thinking about what others may think about what I'm doing/not doing instead of remaining true to the initial goal- record keeping. The record keeping in itself is questionable as it confines me within the bounds of my own thoughts and beliefs.

So I'm throwing out the rule book and keeping an open mind. The only rule I'm keeping is to have a plan....and TRADE IT!.


Anonymous said...

Eloquently put. Good luck for the future and for finding 'your way'.

(BTW, I tried your recipe suggestion with the last of the asparagus. Nice.).

Giorgio said...

Hi Market Monkey,

I've read your post. So, if I've correctly understood what you mean, you chose to throw out every role book. Consequently you will trade with insight and experience only.


James Edwards-Marche said...

Hi Giorgio,

What I meant was rather than steering myself where I think I need to go/where I want to go, the focus needs to be placed on keeping an open (objective) mind...open to suggestion. That'll allow me access to what I actually need to see and do.

I'll happily let go of whatever is no longer working- regardless of how much time/effort I've put into the method :)