Friday, August 19, 2016

Combine PASSED!

After 2 years and many attempts, I've finally managed to pass TopstepTrader's $30K Combine!

The entire Combine lasted 57 trading days and 260 trades were taken. The vast majority of these trades were made across 4 instruments: 6A (Aus/Usd futures), 6B (Gbp/Usd), 6C (Cad/Usd) and YM (Dow Jones). 5 trades were taken in the ES (S&Ps) and 1 lone trade in CL (Crude futures).

A tightened up the strategy by making things more statistical and objective using the lessons learned  that I covered in this post. This change occurred 9 days into the Combine and is what I consider the beginning of orderly, rules-based trading within the entire data set.

The results after statistics were applied to the method.

The hardest part of achieving this result was giving up control. I used various techniques to help manage myself along the way, which I'll talk about in a future post.The range of emotions experienced were sometimes very hard to deal with, especially given the numerous stressors that have been present in my life over the last 12-18 months or so (births, deaths, financial difficulties, health and relationship...the list goes on and on).

I also met internal resistance when I reached the $1K mark and, then, when the finish line was in sight.

Next up: A post detailing the cost incurred to get to this point in my TST trading journey. Stay tuned :).

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Trin said...

I'm digging the Ninja Trader control center, I'm also a long-time user of NT.