Saturday, October 31, 2015

Combine Update- CL going forward.

So despite getting excited about CL's newfound volatility, which started on Tuesday 27th, and impatiently rushing in to try to capitalise on it- hitting 11 losers in-a-row over the next two sessions- I eventually managed to ground myself and finish the 10-Day Combine at an equity high.

CL is definitely where I need to be.

The R:R structure mentioned in the prior post is something that will probably be dependant on the current market environment. As I found out over Tuesday/first half of Wednesday, it can be hard to shift gears...but it can be done. Of course, whether it's actually worth it will depend on how quickly you can adapt to the change and how long the change lasts for. For some, it might be better to stick with one model and see it through those periods where you feel as if you're swimming against the tide (using smaller R:R with higher WR in an expansive, trendy environment or larger R:R with lower WR in a range bound, choppy environment).

I also need to watch out for insisting on a certain scenario... the losing streak mentioned above was caused by two separate occasions where I wouldn't let go of a bias. A combination of trying to show the market that I wouldn't let it leave me behind (I know...not smart) and fear of missing out on the move.

I feel as if I'm ready to try my first C. Combine with CL as my instrument of choice. Something to think about over the weekend.

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