Monday, February 11, 2013


As first alluded to in This post, "Fear Of The Futures" and, most recently, categorically confirmed in "Trading Without A Compass- Revisiting Past Posts." , I fear the loss of accrued "gains" (success, progress, money etc) and so tend to self-destruct by changing the very mechanism that got me the success in the first place in a futile attempt to exert control on the situation.

It always ends in the same way.

So, as proposed in the above and various posts over the last few years (Yikes! It's been that long?!), I've "locked in the success"/"reset the account" etc by withdrawing last weeks' profits and squandering spending them on a bunch of DVDs that I've been meaning to get to add to our collection.

Here are a few of the 18 titles;

My intention is to use any potential profits as a supplement to my current income and/or grow my account (the latter would be a challenge due to my difficulty in building on past successes- any solutions would likely be documented here in a future post) not to be used as pocket money, as is the case with this week.

 I felt this kind of purchase was necessary to highlight the fact that it was made using the fruits of my work in the markets. Those profits will be "secure" in a very visible way here at home which will leave me free to repeat the process with an account that has been "reset". In a cognitively-biased way of course!


Unknown said...

I like the post and the title "SPLURGE", you alluded to some interesting decisions every trader has to think about, money management as well as being compensated from their trading profits.

James Edwards-Marche said...

If I had to strip it down to one piece of advice, it'd be, "Be completely honest with yourself, then act on what you find out".

Easier said than done! Glad you liked the post :)

Unknown said...

agreed, Be completely honest with yourself, then act on what you find out".