Sunday, August 26, 2012

Notting Hill Carnival!

I'm in London with the family for a few days to enjoy the Carnival and generally relax with family and friends. However, I just wanted to bring some closure to this week's trading as I was still in the market 10 mins before flying out the door to catch the plane on Friday and, therefore, didn't have the time to do my weekly wrap up (as much for freeing up my mind for the weekend as it is for data-keeping purposes!).

This week was a bit of a special one as it marked my return to live trading! 1 year, 7 months and 6 days after my last live trade at the beginning of 2011.

The week ended profitably overall as well as in each individual account (SIM and Live) albeit by a small amount.

It's a good thing I took my time building confidence and collecting the data because the transition from SIM to Live was as painless as it could be for me, given the fear I've experienced in the past. It was also a great idea to use the size that I intended to use when returning to the live account in SIM. An even better idea might be to use a larger size in SIM so you reduce the fear factor even more by seeing smaller numbers flashing around whilst using real funds.

Will be back in my office on Tuesday and, after wrapping up with this week's review, back to looking for my usual opportunities. Curious to see if my forward-tested results will continue to play out with live trades (I've already had a taste of the difference in fills when one of my trades had it's trailing stop triggered while the market was 15 pips away from the trigger price....two rogue trades with size were responsible for that one as the market re-opened after it's daily 15 min break- something that may not have happened with SIM.)

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