Thursday, July 5, 2012

Police As Traders?

These traders are mobile- so they need a car. This gets them to their trade location (more on that in a bit). Speed Radar, Pallets and a Police Radio to check out licenses/insurance etc.

Passive aggression: They don't do it to us, WE do it to ourselves.
Time and the officer's hourly pay.

Speed fines and fines in general.

(for speed, we'll assume long trades only..)

They find their edge by waiting at that spot on a road where a drastic change in speed limit occurs. They'll hide just before the "resistance"- point of change- in anticipation of a breakout. Odds increase if they do this during rush hour as they know drivers will anticipate the change and try and get ahead due to sheer haste/impatience.

Another method they commonly use is sitting themselves at the bottom of a hill- people tend to forgo controlling their speed and let gravity get the better of them! This could be viewed as Momentum trading- a body in motion, "stays in motion until an equal and opposite force acts on it" (your will to be the captain of your situation).

Win Rate:
They can increase this simply by compounding the above methodologies- for example, waiting at the bottom of the hill, during rush hour where a speed change occurs from fast to slow. Do this all on a pre-holiday workday and....

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