Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Flintstones

They were fortunate enough to have a car that was a) easily accessible for the whole family and b) able to run without an engine!(although they got really fit doing so!!)

...we have a three-door which just cost us a small fortune in repairs as, unlike the Flintstones' car, ours needs to have all the parts in full working order.

And so too does a trading strategy.

If we have numerous "nuts and bolts" to tighten (criteria of a trading strategy) we also have many potential points of weakness. Taking that idea one step further, the more parts in the car (strategies in the trading approach) the more things we have to learn to do effectively in order to harvest a profit.

It only takes a quarter-turn of each nut in the car to end up with a trading approach that's as uneffective as this....!

So why not simplify, reduce- take away all those extra parts to the car - and just make sure the nuts and bolts are as tight as possible??