Monday, August 2, 2010

Borrowing & Lending VS Ownership.

Even ownership is just borrowing over a long enough timeframe, dependent on any given person's point of view. When we start thinking of things as "ours" rather than temporarily "in our possession" we inevitably behave differently.

Applied to my trading (and, I'm guessing, trading in general) this means that if I think of profits as "mine", I'm more likely to operate from an emotional standpoint, creating a glass ceiling of profit potential (ie whatever goes from being a cushion to make more, to "profits earned")

The humility to just do your best with whatever edge you think you have, because you can only be sure of an edge over a given period of time, accepting what comes your way, will probably increase the likelihood that the trend of borrowing more than you lend will continue...

....the only thing I'm interested in owning is the confidence to follow through.

A cryptic end to 4-months of blog silence, but needed to get that off my chest!

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment but my brain hurt just trying to process this. Leave it with me. For a year or possibly three. :-)